What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of manual, manipulative medicine, used to help restore physical and mental wellbeing in the patient. It promotes normal function and allows the body to utilise its own recuperative powers.

back muscles

Osteopaths are taught to listen to their patient’s description of pain or dysfunction and use their skills to formulate the appropriate treatment. The palpatory and manipulative skills they develop in their training become important tools of restoration and prevention. Such things as tissue tension or variations in the movements of joints all present clues which, when analysed, serve as indicators of underlying problems.

The osteopath aims to adjust and improve the mechanism of the body by using various treatment methods. These may include structural techniques, such as soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, and joint manipulation. A more gentle technique, known as cranial osteopathy, may be used in certain cases, being especially useful for babies and young children.